Wednesday, 27 June 2007

An Apron! Simplicity 4282

I made this apron a little while ago, but I never took pictures of it until now. I decided I needed a pretty apron one day, so I came home with a few yards of fabric, and a few different patterns. Simplicity 4282 was one of them, and I made view A.

I wish I could remember more about making it! I do remember all the bias tape was a little tedious. And I used velcro on the back straps, but they don't seem to sit properly all the time. I think the problem is that I made it size Large, and I am not very tall.

Anyway, I do love wearing it! Especially when I rmember that I have pockets, and can stick a towel or something in there.

I also signed up for my first craftster swap. It is a newbie swap, which I think takes the pressure off a little bit. I have already started making some things for my partner, since I have the day off work today. The swap is only for 1 medium and 3 small items, so I think I might end up sending out a little early! That way I'll be able to post pictures sooner, as everything has to be a *surprise* for the swap, ideally!

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Jenni-Raie said...

it looks SO similar to the aprons my greatgran had, some are still kickin' around the kitchen at home. quite stained, mind you.