Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Dyed Yarn Part 2 - the finished product

I decided to make a baby hat out of the yarn I dyed. Mr. Bronze Head is modeling it so nicely for me, since I haven't given it to its new baby owner yet.

I used the Baby Beret pattern from Debbie Bliss' Simply Baby. It was a pretty fast project, and knit on two needles. And that's awesome. I have tried to knit socks before, but I just don't seem to do dpns very well. And I actually took my time and did all the finishing properly, so you can barely even see the seam at the back. Only the colour pattern gives it away a little bit.

I followed the pattern pretty closely, all I changed was the colour (!) and fibre content of the yarn, and decided to do the whole brim in the contrast colour, instead of just a few rows at the edge. I like the look better than in the original pattern, and if I make it again I will probably do it the same way.

The contrast colour, by the way, is just the natural undyed yarn.

I am really happy with how the dyed yarn turned out when knit up. The colour pattern worked well to make a blendy colour effect. Now I am excited to dye some more yarn!

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