Thursday, 26 June 2008

New bag! Newport!

A little while ago, I ordered the Namaste Laguna bag from Elann. I love love love it. Its big, and its fake leather but super soft, and its a lovely turquoise colour. Its big, its got lots of pockets, basically its the perfect bag for being a purse, and fitting a knitting project in there too.

So when I saw that Namaste was coming out with a new bag, the Newport, I had to preorder one from Dream Weaver yarns. It arrived today (super fast!), I got the limited edition peacock colour. And here is a photo of the bags side by side, the Laguna on the left, the Newport on the right:

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Burnin back in mind...

So it's summer, which means knitting is seeming less appealing than sewing lately, especially with burning man just around the corner. Ravelry had taken my blogging urges away, since I can updae all my knitting progress there. But there's nowhere for stuff that isn't knit, so...

I've made a few things already for the playa, the first is a night-time dress. I found the fabric for $2/yard, and it has a one direction stretch. Not sure the fibre, probably some sort of blend. I think it will look really good under black light. I used McCalls 4769 but I shortened it a bit, used snaps instead of buttons (love!), added a bit of velcro to the opening right at the waist, and added some sequins and reflective trim to the back.

I also bought a pair of 3/4 length black shiny almost rubberized tights that look awesome with this dress. Here's a close up of the fabric and trim:

Last year we all got together and made our playa coats one night, then made polymer clay beads and jewelery the next day. I had made a cane, which I actually still have a big chunk of, and it may make a reappearance. This year I wanted to go for a different look, but knew Bryan would probably wnat to make some polymer clay beads again, so I got mostly metallic colours of clay this time. I spent a few hours making some pendants a few weeks ago.

And one with the edge of a measuring tape for scale:

I have more stuff to come - some stuff is already finished or nearly finished, and there's lots more ideas, and lots of great fabric and notions I've been collecting lately. I've got Simplicity 2966 partly done, and this pile of fabric and ribbon is now a dress: