Tuesday, 15 January 2008

First FO of the year!

But unfortunately the picture is blurry (and unblocked...)

It is blocked now and the squares don't look all drunk anymore like they do in the picture. I cast on last Wednesday at knitting night, and I'll be wearing it tomorrow night back to knitting night. Yay!

I knit my first sock, but I am stalling on finishing the second. I knit the heel way too long on the first one, but it fits okay so I don't want to frog it. So I am not enjoying knitting the second one very much. I am however looking forward to starting on a new, mistake-free pair of socks. Probably for Craig. And maybe toe-up. But I promised myself I wouldn't start more socks until I finished the current socks. Makes sense I guess. Taught myself magic loop (thank you knittinghelp!) to do them which I love, and am very proud of. Used it for the top of the hat too.

Now I'm watching American Idol, and going through my huge collection of knitting magazines and queuing patterns I like in ravelry so that I'm actually more like to knit them one day.