Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Next up on the crafting block

I finally got started on those Halloween costumes. I cut out the pattern for the Saloon Girl last night. I was thinking of putting EL wire in the bodice instead of piping, but now I'm thinking it's not quite the right costume for EL wire. I also got a huge pile of fabric and notions at Fabricland yesterday for the Halloween costumes. (I would be posting a picture now, but my camera has mysteriously disappeared. It'll turn up soon, or I'll use my phone or something.) So I already had some black satiny stuff for the bodice, it's probably el cheapo lining, but its nice enough, and for Halloween its perfect.

We spent forever wandering around Fabricland looking for fabric so that our costumes would match or look nice together, but not be too matchy-matchy. We wound up finding the perfect combination on one of the upholstery fabric discount tables. So I got some shantung fabric in a light khaki green for the skirt of the dress. It matches well with the heavy twill paisley in mustard, green, and rust red that I got for the Old West Dude's vest. The green shantung will probably be used fo the tie on that costume as well, just to tie (aha!) it all together. And I also got a pile of black broadcloth and some interfacing. Still need some material for the shirt for Craig's costume.

I did get a bunch of notions as well, the Saloon Girl dress needs a whole bunch of trims and ribbons and stuff. Black lace in two different thicknesses, green and gold beaded trim, buttons (they're pewter coloured but now I'm thinking they should have been gold to match the beaded trim... oh well....), black satin and green grosgrain ribbon, bias tape, and I actually bought matching thread for once! Still need a few more things, including giant feathers which I'm hoping to get at the Oktoberfest store in Kitchener.

I'm a little bit ahead of myself too, because I've started working on Christmas and holiday gifts already too. So far the idea is to make knitted dishcloths and handmade soaps for friends, thrummed mittens for Craig's family and maybe my dad, this scarf for my mom, and I'm not really sure what Craig is getting yet. I've made one dishcloth, I dyed the yarn and have started the scarf for my mom. I'm hoping to get some roving and some worsted wool at the KW Knitter's Fair this weekend to make the mittens. And I'll get some extra so maybe I can make matching hats if I have a ton of extra time (which I might, seeing as I'm off work until January).