Friday, 12 October 2007


I decided I would go looking for yarn before work last night. I went into Liquidation World, not really expecting to find much. I was hoping for cheapo acrylic, but instead I found a wall of sparkly ribbony rainbow eylashy fun fur yarn. The kind of yarn you look at and wonder what anyone could possibly make from it. And there's a big sign in front of it that says that its all 50 cents a ball. Except for the one ball of greenish yarn sitting there with kind of a nubbly texture. I look closer and it's a brand name I actually recognize (Classic Elite, the yarn itself is Commotion), and it's a natural fibre! Well mostly, it's about 80% wool, the rest is nylon. And it's 50 cents! So I dug and dug, the rainbow yarn was flying off the shelves, eventually I came up with 18 balls of it, and they are all the same dye lot! I also found three balls of Duchess, which is even nicer. It's a blend of merino, viscose, cashmere, nylon, and angora in a bulky weight. I got a nice burnt orange colour, which is perfect for making some Halloween pumpkins. Though I'll probably save most of it for a scarf, since it feels nice against the3 skin. Not itchy! Grand total was eleven dollars and change for the whole thing.

I had to look up the retail price of the yarn, just so I could know how awesome of a deal I got. And they're both around $10 a ball original retail price. !!! I just got 21 balls of yanr for the price of one! That's over two hundred dollars worth of yarn for a little over ten bucks!

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