Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Lots o' pink fun fur - Halloween!

Before Burning Man I bought a bunch of cheap fake hair.I started making dreadfalls but it was taking forever with my poor weak kettle. So I still have a ton of it left, mostly in pink, but also some blue and a maroon-ish colour. A pony tail seemed like the obvious thing to make,so I decided my Halloween costume would be a horsey. A pink one, with blue accents, due to the the colour of the hair.

So taking a bunch of pink hair in my pocket and holding it up to different fabrics, in many different fabric stores,I must have looked like a lunatic. I originally wanted something with a smoother texture, sleek like a horse, but I think the fabric I got is great now. The colour is perfect, and it has the texture of a horse in winter. But softer! :) For the accent colour I went with sparkly blue, which turned out not to be so brilliant to line the top with. It makes me sparkly. Oh well!

The costume also will probably go to Burning Man, and I've been keeping that in mind while making it. When finished, it will have lots of parts: there's a top, skirt, legwarmers, armwarmers, four hooves, tail/belt, and headpiece. I've been working a little on each part, I don't think any one part is totally finished.

The top is from a pattern (except the straps), everything else is just straight out of my brain!

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Cat Morley said...

Ha ha, that's awesome and what a clever idea to use visor hats for hooves